Building a house is an easy thing. Creating a dream of accumulated ideas is another. In Chas, we found a creative mind that could take our accumulated ideas about what we wanted our dream home to be and put them into a magnificent plan. Chas was very attentive to our ideas and making sure he was creating the home we wanted and not what he thought it should be. The creative detail that he added to our ideas can only be described as amazing. There is not a person who has seen our home that hasn't commented on all the details throughout the house both inside and out. Chas worked hand in hand with the builders to assure the project would be completed in the fashion in which we had designed it.
We can not say enough about the talent and vision Chas brought to our project. We couldn't be happier with our home and the good friend we have made in Chas.

- Kathy and Dale Hanke